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 W E E K E N D 

just a little layout of  things to do with us if you do not wish to venture the city on your own.

Morgan-and-Stevens-Fulton-Market-Engagement-Session-102 (6).jpg

welcome welcome welcome

it will definitely be a chill day around the villa starting at 5 pm.

we will have plenty of snacks, wine,

&  eye de-puffers.

ehearsal later at 7 (necessary participants, don't worry not dragging everyone through that),

followed by dinner in Sitges at 8:30. We would love for everyone to join us. There are a handful of resturants along the beach we can eat at for dinner and hang out, have a few drinks on the beach, and relax for the big next day. 


Morgan-and-Stevens-Fulton-Market-Engagement-Session-102 (44).jpg

the big day

We are looking into having transportation provided by the hotel to the villa. If not taxis are available through the uber app. 

Please arrive by around 5. There will be welcome drinks and then the ceremony will start at 5:30. Followed by cocktail hour, followed by dinner, dessert, and dancing.

Since we have the villa for the weekend, we can party all night long. However, there are neighbors so please be respectful with late night noise. 


bring your swim suit and come splash!!!

come hang out by the pool

& soak up that Spanish sun with us

we will be providing brunch

before everyone goes their own ways!


Later in the afternoon, we will be hitting up one of the local wineries for dinner and a wine tasting.  

Morgan-and-Stevens-Fulton-Market-Engagement-Session-102 (51).jpg


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