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Sitges is the BEAUTIFUL little beach town 15 minutes from our venue. There are so many little shops, hotels, and restaurants. 

also there are nudey beaches, don't be weird. 

How to get here

F R O M  T H E  A I R P O R T: you can take a taxi straight from the airport into town, 20 minute drive. there is a taxi line right outside baggage claim, or you can call one through the uber app.  ( around $50-60)

Or you can take the train into town, but you need take a short bus ride to the train station from the airport.


the airport signs are all in spanish, catalan, and english.  

F R O M  B A R C E L O N A:  you can either jump in a taxi through the uber app or you can take the  Renfe R2S train to sitges for $10. and then take a cab to the villa. This is more simple than it sounds. 

We are planning on having a shuttle from the hotel to the villa for the wedding. 


Where to Stay

there are two options: you can either stay in sitges the whole time or stay in barcelona and then take a train down (or taxi) to sitges. 

Steve and I will be arriving to sitges on Wednesday 5/31 

Hotel: Hotel Medium Sitges Park

Carrer de Jesús, 16 - 08870 Sitges, Barcelona, Spain


Hotel: Medium Sitges Park

Dates: May 29th to June 11th 

Discount: 10%

Make sure you select Medium Sitges PARK as the hotel! 


there are so many amazing places to eat in sitges.  here are a few we recommend 

I also have all of these listed on a google map, if any one would like me to share it with them. that way you can have it directly on your phone vs having to go on this website! 

taxis ran uber out of town, however you can still use the uber app to call a taxi.. so yes? 

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