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how to get here from the airport: 

Taxi- use the uber app or there is a taxi line already outside baggage claim 

Bus- follow the bus sign across the street outside baggage claim. For $5 get a ticket from the aerobes machine. it was $5 one way.  you can change the language to english! 

*this bus was the only time we needed a mask!*


*fun note* 

if someone puts a piece of paper down next to you on the train. do not pick it up, make eye contact anything. it's a scam, they are not aggressive at all. its just a sneaky little thing. 

W H E R E  T O  S T A Y

we love the H10 hotels if you choose to stay in barcelona (or go to any other major region in spain quite frankly!)  both in the gothic quarter

H10 Montcada- we stayed here in January. the picture above was taken on their rooftop bar.

it is about a 7 min walk to the train station (Estacion de franc).

another h10 hotel we reccomend is H10 Madison. this is a little further from the train station though (~10 min walk to the station).


from the train station:  you can get a $10 round trip ticket to Sitges. Renfe R2S. go to the window to talk to someone for a ticket vs. the machine (its cheaper!), but make sure you validate your ticket before you get on the train, there is a machine to do so *see picture*. no-one will come around to check your ticket, and you will get stuck in the train station in sitges... like we did.  

the train station by the hotels recommend is the estacion de franc. THIS IS NOT THE METRO

you can also take a taxi- this will be around $60-80. 


Where to Eat

Everywhere is delicious & fairly cheap. 

I have another crazy google maps if you would like recommendations! just let me know and I will be so happy to share it with you! 


Everything Gaudi!!!! 

  • The Sagrada Familia

  • Casa Batllo 

  • Casa Mila

  • Casa Vicens

  • Parque Guell -- for this one, if you have a hard time with stairs or hills, we would NOT recommend it.  

Las Ramblas

Mercado de la boqueria 

if you don't stay in the gothic quarter, at least go walk through it.  it's sooo dreamy. 

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